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Organised by – Swatantra Foundation

Swatantra Foundation, a Chennai based institution devoted to Policy Research and Advocacy, Seminars & EXPOs to support industry, Arts & Cultural events, International format sports to identify & groom talents, Consumer Awareness and Narrative settings through online magazine & web TV.

Swatantra Foundation was founded in memory of one of the greatest statesmen of India, Freedom Fighter, Intellectual, Bharat Ratna. Sri. C. Rajagopalachariyar.

Swatantra Foundation is supported by eminent personalities Sri. T. S. Krishna Murthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner, Sri. M.R. Sivaraman, IAS (Retd), Former Revenue Secretary, Sri. M. S. Sundara Rajan, Former CMD, Indian Bank, Sri. S. Seetharaman, Industrialist, Sri. G. Subramanian, FCA, Maj. Gen. K.R. Prasad (Retd), Commodore. R.S. Vasan, IN. Retd., Sri. R. Rajagopalan, Senior Media Person, Delhi.

The Trust is managed by a team of Trustees headed by Sri. S. Ramasubramanian and supported by Sri. G. Krishnan, Sri. N. Muthuraman, Sri. Ramesh Sethuraman and Sri. M. Rajaram, who have huge experience in public policy analysis & related matters and organizing events.

Swatantra Foundation is involved primarily in public policy analysis & advocacy and awareness meetings on important national & international issues. Besides the Foundation is also involved in promoting arts & culture to inculcate value system, organising international format sports events to identify & groom talents, consumer awareness, commerce & industry programs such as seminars, expo, discussions, industry visit, etc.,

To know more visit [www.swatantrafoundation.in]

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Department of Defence Production

The Department of Defence Production (DDP) was set up in November 1962 with the objective of developing a comprehensive production infrastructure to produce the weapons, systems, platforms equipment required for defence. Over the years, the Department has established wide ranging production facilities for various defence equipment through the Ordnance Factories and Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs). The products manufactured include arms and ammunition, tanks, armoured vehicles, heavy vehicles, fighter aircrafts and helicopters, warships, submarines, missiles, ammunition, electronic equipment, earth moving equipment, special alloys and special purpose steels.

The main organizations under the Department of Defence Production are as follows:

With the objective of achieving self-reliance in defence production, the Ordnance Factories and DPSUs have been continuously modernizing and upgrading their capabilities and widening their product range. A large number of major products have been developed through in-house research and development initiatives apart from producing a number of products and equipment through transfer of technology.

DPSUs and Ordnance Factories have, as a policy, been outsourcing many of their requirements and have over the years developed a wide vendor base which includes a large number of medium and small scale enterprises apart from large scale industries. In addition, the DPSUs and OFB are also striving to increase the indigenous content in equipment and products, manufactured by them.

To know more visit [www.ddpmod.gov.in]

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Department of Science & Technology

Department of Science & Technology (DST) was established in May 1971, with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S&T activities in the country. The Department has major responsibilities for specific projects and programmes that includes:

  1. Formulation of policies relating to Science and Technology.
  2. Promotion of new areas of Science and Technology with special emphasis on emerging areas.
  3. Futurology.
  4. Coordination and integration of areas of Science & Technology having cross-sectoral linkages in which a number of institutions and departments have interest and capabilities.
  5. Undertaking or financially sponsoring scientific and technological surveys, research design and development, where necessary.
  6. Support and Grants-in-aid to Scientific Research Institutions, Scientific Associations and Bodies.
  7. Matters commonly affecting Scientific and technological departments/organisations/ institutions e.g. financial, personnel, purchase and import policies and practices.
  8. Management Information Systems for Science and Technology and coordination thereof.
  9. Matters regarding Inter-Agency/Inter-Departmental coordination for evolving science and  technology missions.
  10. Matters concerning domestic technology particularly the promotion of ventures involving  the commercialization of such technology other than those under the Department of  Scientific and Industrial Research.
  11. All other measures needed for the promotion of science and technology and their  application to the development and security of the nation.

For more information visit https://dst.gov.in/

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Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers

The Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) is a not-for-profit association formed to be the apex body of the Indian defence industry. SIDM plays a proactive role as an advocate, catalyst, and facilitator for the growth and capability building of the defence industry in India.


Catalyse the Indian defence industry to effectively contribute to India’s national security and become a trustworthy global partner


Work closely with the Government towards enabling the growth of the defence industry. Collaborate with experts from the Armed forces


  • India First
  • One Voice
  • Self Reliant for Security

To know more visit https://www.sidm.in/

Supporting Organisations


Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

About the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI is currently into its 186th year of service to trade and industry. Established in 1836, the Madras Chamber is the oldest chamber of commerce and industry in Tamil Nadu and the Second oldest in the country and is one of the five promoter chambers of the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), New Delhi.

The Chamber is a proud recipient of a special award as a Responsible BMO (Business Membership Organization) instituted by the Foundation for MSME clusters and supported by Ministry of MSME , Department of Science & Technology in 2017.  

The Madras Chamber has been an integral part of the growth of commerce and industry in the southern region and plays a formidable role in policy making and advocacy in addition to providing various services to its members. The Chamber has a strong membership  across sectors and across categories like Large industry groups, SMES and others. 

To know more https://www.madraschamber.in/



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Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO)

TIDCO, the nodal agency for Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor and a Tamil Nadu Government undertaking, facilitates large industrial and infrastructure projects in Tamilnadu involving large investments and huge employment potential. TIDCO is the Nodal Agency for the development of Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC), Chennai Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor (CKIC), Western Corridor (Kochi – Bangalore Industrial Corridor) and Defence Industrial Corridor projects.

TIDCO has in several joint venture projects across various sectors such as Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Iron and Steel, Auto Components, Food & Agro, Floriculture, Engineering, Petroleum and Petrochemicals, infrastructure projects like IT/ITES Parks, Bio-Tech Parks, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Road Development Projects and Agri Export Zones, TITAN Industries Ltd, TANFAC Industries Ltd, Mahindra World City, Tamilnadu Petro products Ltd, TIDEL Park Ltd, Ascendas IT Park (Chennai) Ltd, TICEL Bio Park Ltd, Tamilnadu Road Development Company Ltd, Chennai Trade Centre, Tanflora Infrastructure Park Ltd, IT Expressway Ltd, TIDEL Park Coimbatore Ltd, L&T Shipbuilding Ltd and Indian Oil LNG Private Ltd are some of the successful joint ventures of TIDCO.

To know more visit [www.tidco.com]

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Federation of Industry & Management Associations

Federation of Industry & Management Associations (FIMA) is a All India Industry & professional body promoted with an aim to support Indian Industries, mainly focusing of Micro & Small sectors.

FIMA believes in distribution of business across India and to support start-ups by providing skill development and training.

FIMA, promoted recently by a group a high tech entrepreneurs and socially connected people, aims to connect the Indian MSMEs with large buyers in and outside India through Industry visits, seminars and B2B expo.

India needs large number of small entrepreneurs for a society with equality and hence FIMA believes in providing the necessary technology & skill development to the Micro & Small units, Identifying and Transferring technology to entrepreneurs – particularly to promote eco friendly business models.

FIMA membership is open and invite Industries to enrol themselves as FIMA members. For more information please visit our website.

To know more visit [www.fima-india.org.in] or write to us at info@fima-india.org.in

Supporting Organisations



The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises- Development Organisation (MSME-DO) is headed by the Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner (MSME). The Office of the Development Commissioner (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) assists the Ministry in formulating, co-ordinating, implementing and monitoring different policies and programmes for the promotion and development of MSMEs in the country.

In addition, it provides a comprehensive range of common facilities, technology support services, marketing assistance, etc. through its network of 32 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises -Development Institutes (MSME-Dls);  27 Branch MSME-Dls;  4 MSME Testing Centres (MSME-TCs) and 7 MSME-Testing Stations (MSME-TSs).  The Office of  DC (MSME) also operates a network of 18 Techonology Centres which are autonomous bodies registered as Societies under the Societies Act.The Office implements a number of schemes for the MSME sector, the details of which have been duly incorporated in the e-booklet.

For more information visit http://dcmsme.gov.in/

Supporting Organisations



The MSME Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau Department was established in September 2019 with the intent to promote trade, investments and exports in the MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) sector in Tamil Nadu. The organization supports MSMEs in various aspects related to their business, including discovering new market opportunities for products of MSMEs in the overseas market, smoothening Government clearance processes, providing new and innovative solutions for bottlenecks in technology, finance and management. Headquartered in SIDCO Corporate Office Building at Guindy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the bureau is headed by the Secretary to the Government, MSME Department (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) as its Chairman.

For more information visit https://www.tnmtipb.in/


TANSTIA is an apex body recognized by both state and Central Government.

It was established in 1956.

All district SSI Associations,Industrial Estate manufactureres Associations,Productwise manufacturing Associations and other areawise Associations are its members.

It has more than hundred Associations and more than thousand SSI units as its members.

It has a well organized district level set up.

It is recognized by state and central Government and their departments like TN-SSI, DC-SSI, NSIC, SIDCO, SIDBI etc.


Entrepreneur counseling service

TANSTIA offers Entrepreneur Counseling service to the existing and new entrepreneurs on every Wednesday between 3pm to 5pm.

The counseling service is available on subjects like How to start small industries, raising finance to set up small industries Modernization and Diversification, Qualify system, revival of sick units, etc.