Boost for Indian Industries | 4th List of Import Ban on 928 Defence items valued about Rs.715 Crore announced   Special pavilion with special pricing for Emerging Sector companies. See details in the home page.   B2B Dashboard will be opened shortly. Exhibitors can make use of this online B2B Scheduling to interact with buyers
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About the Event

The key objectives of Edition 2.0 are:-

1. create business opportunities for Indian Industries
2. Support Indian Industries, particularly the MSMEs in entering A&D sector and involve in Indigenisation
3. Explore opportunities in Exporting their products and services
4. Explore opportunities in joint ventures and investment with overseas industries.
5. To support development of Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor.
6. To create joint venture and or collaboration opportunities for Foreign companies.
7. To create opportunities for foreign companies to Make in India for their global market.


Business Opportunities and Requirements of large buyers, Armed Forces and DPSUs along with statistics and other details are listed here for the benefit of MSMEs. Browse through each and every page / website provided in this page and find out the requirements. Exhibitors participating in this Edition 2.0 can pre-schedule B2B meetings with their potential buyers. You can also visit the website of the respective companies / buyers and search for their requirements.

Component level suppliers can form a consortium / arrangement with a bigger unit and take up the challenge of inigenisation.  Book your stall and grab the opportunity

Pre-Event Webinars

Click here to find out the pre-event webinar series schedule and the speaker details. We plan to bring in key speakers from Large Buyers, DPSUs and Armed Forces along with Success Stories from the previous event. MSMEs can attend this ‘Virtual’ meetings to know the requirements of buyers. This will help MSMEs understand the needs and accordingly interact with the buyers during the three day event in September 2023. Interested? Click the button below for registration. Are you looking for suppliers? Participate as a speaker.

write to us at (or) call us at +91-8056002464. Watch this page for updates. Join us for the webinars.


Are you a Start-up / Company from the Emerging Sector? We have a special offer for you at a very special pricing to display your capabilities! Talk to us to grab your place. Limited number of space on FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS!

Who can participate:-
Robotics and Autonomous System ( RAS)  |  AI (Artificial Intelligence)  |  Direct Energy (DE) Weapons  |  Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS)  |  Biotechnology  |  Quantum Technologies  |  Image Processing  |  Sensor Technologies  |  VR & AR  |  Speciality Textile Technology

Interested in taking up Challenge?

Industries, particularly the MSMEs, interested in taking up the challenge of Indigenisation and or improvisation can contact us. Following are the few opportunities for challenges.

  1. Indigenisation challenge
  2. Innovative solutions for Railway / Road safety to prevent accidents / mishaps
  3. Artificial Intelligence related solutions
  4. Robotics solutions for Defence

Foreign Companies Interested in Joint Ventures / Investments?

Foreign companies interested in Investments (or) Joint Ventures in India please contact us at (or) talk to us at +91-8056002464 for details.

With the current Make-in-India policy, there is abundant scope for foreign & multi national companies investing in Indian Defence Corridor to source their products at a high quality / low price advantage. We will provide you the necessary support for the same.

Write to us at (or) talk to us at +91-8056002464

EDITION 2.0 – Participating Sectors

Confirmed Participants

Frequently asked questions

Who can book a stall

Any Industry,  within India & Outside, Manufacturer or Service provider can participate in this expo as an exhibitor.

Any manufacturing/Service unit from Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics domains, Engineering, Clothing, Leather, Speciality food for defence, Plastics, Rubber, Railway suppliers, Solar, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and other sectors can participate.

What is the stall cost?

What is the stall size

All stalls are 9 square meter in size (3 meter width & 3 meter length).


What are the items I get / deliverables for a 9 Sq. meter stall?

Every Exhibitor will get the following items / deliverables per 9 Sq. meter stall

  1. Three sides / Two sides partition depends on the location
  2. Three spotlights
  3. One kw power FREE per day
  4. One lockable cabinet
  5. Two chairs
  6. One dust bin
  7. Floor covering
  8. Fascia name board
  9. One 5/15 AMP socket

In addition every Exhibitor will get

  1. One A4 size Expo Directory Page listing FREE
  2. For Exhibitor representatives ALL SEMINARS ARE FREE
  3. For Exhibitors B2B meetings ARE FREE
  4. Every Exhibitor can invite 100 FREE GUEST INVITATION and for the Guests ALL SEMINARS ARE FREE

How to book more than 9 Sq. mt space

Exhibitors can book 9 sq. mt stall. Additional space can be booked in multiples of 9 - that is 9, 18, 27 like that only.

I am a participant of Edition 1.0 show (26-28 May, 2022) and applied for MSME Subsidy. What is the status?

MSME DC, New Delhi has already on the job. The Edition 1.0 show participants (Micro & Small units only) are eligible for Subsidy provided if they have applied before the event on the MSME Website and subject to the approval norms of the MSME Ministry.

From the Organisers side we have furnished all the details. The Exhibitors who have applied and who have completed the formalities and eligible as per the MSME Ministry norms will be reimbursed soon.

For more details contact the MSME-DI office in your area.

What are the Business opportunities for the Exhibitors in this show?

Please click here to see the various opportunities in the Defence & Aerospace domains.

What is the TDS amount to be deducted

As the exhibitor is participating in this expo agreeing to the Terms & Conditions - which is the contract - ONLY 2% TDS to be deducted. To read terms & conditions click here. Those who deduct more than 2% will not be allowed to participate in this expo as an exhibitor unless they pay the extra amount deducted.

Any discount on stall cost for this Expo?


  1. Exhibitors participated in the Edition 1.0 show (26-28 May, 2022) are eligible for a special discount of 10% on the stall cost
  2. Exhibitors who are members of FIMA are eligible for a special discount of 15% on the stall cost

What is FIMA

Federation of Industry & Management Association (FIMA) is an All India Industry organisation. FIMA's main objective includes setting up a Facilitation Centre to support Indian MSMEs and Industries with Indigenisation support, Design to Documentation support and help Industries towards innovation and incubation.

FIMA membership is open now.

For more details on FIMA membership visit

Is there any cost for FIMA membership?

Yes. There is. For details click here.

Can I book multiple stalls?

Yes. Any Industry willing to book more than one stall can do so while submitting the application.

Who are the major participants?

This Defence & Technology Expo - Edition 2.0 will have all DPSUs, Armed forces, many Large private sector units, few Foreign companies and Foreign Embassies as Exhbitors.

Thousands of Business Visitors are expected to visit the three day event. Last year there was more than 10000 Business Visitors. This Edition we are expecting nearly 25000 Business Visitors from across the world.

What is B2B meeting? How it will benefit the Exhibitor?

B2B meetings are between a seller and buyer that will happen during the three day event. The meetings are pre-scheduled.

Any buyer can choose a seller and any seller can choose a buyer from the list of Exhibitors. They can in fact request a meeting time through our online B2B portal.

These B2B meetings are completely free for ALL EXHIBITORS. Any MSME or selling industry can meet the Buyer's key officials during the event, which is normally not possible.

For Visitors the B2B meetings will be allowed subject (1) payment of B2B meeting charges as per our terms and (2) availability of time. However the Visiting companies can also request a B2B meeting which the organiser will decide.

What are all the opportunities / features available for an Exhibitor in this show?

An Exhibitor in this show can

  1. Display his product / services and interact with other Exhibitors
  2. Engage in exclusive One-on-One B2B meetings with potential buyers
  3. Participate in the seminars - Free of cost.
  4. Launch the Exhibitor's product during the event free of cost
  5. Exhibitor Directory Listing )One Page) is free for every Exhibiting company
  6. Invite up to 100 VIP guests for the event to visit your stall and the Exhibition. The VIP guests invited by you can also attend ALL Seminars free of cost.
  7. FIMA membership special offer can be availed and make use of facilitation centre and other features of FIMA.


How can I make the payment for the stall?

After registration and email verification, wait for the organiser to approve your application. On approval the exhibitor will get the user ID & password to the registered email id. Login using the credential and click the "PAY" button to proceed with online gateway through payment. You can also download the Proforma from this screen.


What are the other features an Exhibitor need to complete after making the payment for stall?

An Exhibitor after making the stall payment and on approval by the organiser can see the following features in his dashboard. All these can be completed online from the Exhibitor dashboard.

  1. Ordering for additional furniture, Crane for lifting display materials, additional power, compressed air, water for display purposes (like machines) etc., through the online system. The payment to be sent directly to the service provider.
  2. Fascia name board design
  3. Booth manager list
  4. Filling up Expo Directory Listing (one page free for all Exhibitors)
  5. Uploading Expo Directory Advertisement (if you want to give) and make the payment
  6. Nomination for Awards
  7. Schedule B2B meetings with your potential buyer (or) seller.
  8. Invite your VIP guests at 100% discounted ticket price. They can attend all seminars.

Who can visit the show?

Any business visitor can visit the show. Registration is mandatory through the Visitor Registration module.

What is the cost for Visitors?

  1. Please wait for the Visitor / Seminar Registration to open.
  2. There is a small cost involved for Visit & Seminars. However, you can request for a free pass and the organisers reserve the right to extend the same.
  3. Students willing to visit the exhibition and attend seminars can approach us through the college / university.


Whether students are allowed to visit the Exhibition and attend Seminars?

Yes. Students from Universities / Colleges studying courses relevant to the participating sectors - Defence, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Manufacturing, Business Management, Public Administration - can very well attend the exhibition and also attend Seminars. They have to contact us through their respective colleges / universities to get their free pass.

Is there any Sponsorship / Branding opportunities?

Yes. There is. Please visit our Contact us section to write to us on this.

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